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I am a devoted Tantrika, in service to love, truth and eros, to support the awakening of humanity and the regeneration of the Earth. I hold a vision for a New Earth based on love, freedom and unity - for ourselves, future generations and our planet. 

Through my online mentorship and in-person workshops, ceremonies and retreats, I facilitate deep and integrated transformaton of mind, body, spirit, heart and sexuality for men, women and couples. 

I explore the intersection between the cosmic and scientific ~ spiritual and grounded ~ heavenly and earthly ~ light and dark ~ etheric and primal. I believe we are equal parts this and that. 

I am an initiate of the Tantric path, merging ancient and esoteric wisdom with modern teachings of Conscious Relating and Sacred Sexuality. Tantra is a journey of liberation, expansion and purification. Along this path, we can return to our true Divine nature and move towards sovereignty. 

If you're ready to create the life and partnership you always desired and deserved, I'm passionate about sharing this wisdom with you. 

I invite you to imagine a reality where: 

  • You embrace, rather than avoid, difficult conversations, leading to deeper intimacy and understanding with loved ones. 

  • Your decisions are guided by courage and integrity over convenience and comfort. 

  • You are free to shed the layers of cultural conditioning (capitalism & patriarchy) and be fully YOU.

  • You liberate your sensual and sexual expression and remember you were born wild and free. 

  • You experience mind-shattering depth, heart-breaking rawness and soul-shaking truth in your relationships. 

  • You thrive in community and collaboration with others and the Earth. 

  • You have the best sex of your life on a regular basis!

This is my reality and the world I want to live in. Will you join me? I would be honoured to serve you in the next phase of your evolution. 

"Working with Rachael was an extremely powerful experience for me and my partner David. I had been interested in Tantra and sacred sexuality for a while and when we arrived in Costa Rica I set the intention to deepen my intimacy with both my partner and myself. We both found a deeper connection with one another and most importantly, with ourselves. Rachael is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, professional, thorough and was so loving throughout our journey. We’re now planning our wedding and expecting another baby! If you’re looking for someone to guide you on a journey to reclaim your intimacy and connection to Self and your partner, she is your woman”
- Adele Tevlin - Business Woman, Canada, 2021

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