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"I don't want to smash the patriarchy, I want to be the open, clear and gentle space where it can put down all of its weapons and weep its generations of grief" 

- Shanti Zimmerman

There was a time in my life when I was so cold and emotionally unavailable that I earned the title of “Ice Queen”, and wore it proudly

I believed vulnerability was weakness and commitment would take away my freedom. 

In fact, it wasn’t anyth
ing to be proud of - this identity was a shield of armour ‘protecting’ me from genuine connection, whilst keeping me trapped in unhealthy cycles. I spent many years confused about why I was attracting the wrong partners and always ended up feeling betrayed, disappointed and heartbroken. I never allowed myself to be cracked open by the force of love and was totally unaware of the joy and bliss available to me through surrendered devotion and deep union with another. 

My journey along the Tantric path has liberated me from these traps and allowed me to release the walls of protection around my heart to forge deep, authentic, intimate connections - with myself, others, the Divine and all of Life. 

One full moon back in 2015 I made the decision to take the leap of faith into the unknown - I quit my well-paid corporate job, left London where I was living at the time and went soul searching on an 8-month trip around India and South East Asia.  

I first discovered Tantra in 2017 in Rishikesh, India, studying Classical (white) Tantra. This led to spending a month travelling the Himalayas exploring Tantric Sex. Which changed the whole trajectory of my life - I had made a profound discovery and started to remember my dharma and lineage as a Tantrika. 

From that point on I devoted myself to studying and embodying the wisdom of Tantra and Conscious Sexuality. Tantra is a lifelong journey, just like Yoga, of returning to presence and remembering the essence of who we are, without all the chaos, distortions and illusions of modern day life. 

A few years later I became the manager of an off-grid community and retreat centre in the mountains of Portugal, where I organised, supported and facilitated many transformational retreats. My mission to co-create a New Earth had started to crystallise and my journey towards sovereignty had begun. 

Over the past 7 years I have dedicated my life to self-discovery and healing through yoga (Vinyasa & Kundalini), plant medicines, dance, somatic embodiment, inner child work, voice activation, breathwork, bodywork, sound healing, emotional alchemy, sacred union and holistic living in community. 

I’ve been living in Costa Rica for the past 4 years, surrounded by wild nature and moving closer each day towards the New Earth.

I'm a formally trained Tantra & Breathwork Facilitator ~ Gaia Ma (The Tantric Way) / Intimacy & Relationship Coach specialising in Tantric Sexuality ~ Layla Martin (650-hour VITA program - Vital & Integrated Tantric Approach) 

I share my medicine through online coaching, in-person co-ed workshops, women's ceremonies, Tantric bodywork and cacao ceremonies. I facilitate at international healing retreats and conscious festivals guiding people back to their hearts and awakening their eros 

Take my hand, let’s walk together, into the great mysteries of life...

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