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“Remember that you are and always have been a powerful, sovereign being with the potential to create the life
and love you desire and deserve”

Are you ready to create a healthy, loving relationship with your Self, your Sexuality and your Partner (current or future)? 

Are you ready to step into your highest alignment and live a life filled with deep intimacy and ecstatic pleasure?

This is what you came here for... 

Your Body is the most sophisticated piece of technology that exists. It has its own inbuilt healing mechanisms and is connected to Divine Intelligence. In my work I utilise a range of tools and modalities, including breathwork, energy work, inner child work, aspecting, vocal activation, emotional alchemy, self-pleasure and somatic release, to bring you into a state where the innate wisdom of your body actually heals itself. This allows you to remember on a deep soul level that you are the creator/creatrix of your reality and you have the power within to alchemise all pain and suffering. 

My approach is: 

  1. Holistic - exploring all the layers of your Being; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual - acknowledging that you are a full-spectrum, multi-dimensional Being and when healing occurs on one level, it will create a shift on all levels. 

  2. Psychosomatic - honouring the deep inter-connectedness between Body and Mind. Recognising the sacredness in every part of you, whilst lovingly revealing your blindspots and integrating your fragmented parts. 

  3. Tantric rooted in the ancient wisdom of Classical and Taoist Tantra, combined with elements of modern, holistic sexuality teachings. Deeply focused on embodiment and exploring the universal energies of masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) - the Divine Union of consciousness and energy. Utilising foundational tools of breath, movement, energy, sound and touch to awaken and liberate your sensual and erotic expression. 

Together, we will discover the imprints left from society, religion and childhood to reveal who you are at your essence - from that space, you can step into sovereignty, embody your medicine and magnetise or deepen into Sacred Union (it all starts within) 

I’m a formally trained, trauma-informed Coach, Facilitator and Practitioner. I’m trained in nervous system regulation, body-mind connection, body language, conscious communication and trauma integration, amongst other modalities. I hold a safe, nurturing space for deep transformation to occur. 

On the other side of your comfort zone is freedom... I'll meet you there. 

1:1 Mentorship 

Awaken Your Full Potential

Are you ready to step into the fullest expression of yourself as a man? My 1:1 mentorship program is designed to meet you exactly where you are and guide you towards the life and relationships you desire and deserve . Using your intention as our anchor, we will alchemise anything that stands in the way of your true potential as an awakened, embodied, Tantric man. 

Resilience: Increase your capacity to remain emotionally and mentally present and centred through life's challenges.
Purpose: Clarify or deepen your mission, purpose and service to the world.
Subconscious Reprogramming: Transmute stories, beliefs, and limitations holding you back from your fullest potential.
Alignment: Ensure your thoughts, words, actions, energy, and decisions are clear and aligned.
Emotional Alchemy: Liberate your emotions, rawness and power to feel fully embodied in your authentic expression.
Erotic Freedom: Awaken your primal essence and embrace your animal instincts for deeper passion and pleasure.
Sexual Mastery: Master your sexual energy and presence to build deep intimacy and become an epic lover. 
Shadow Work: Alchemise self-sabotage patterns and sexual demons so they no longer wreak havoc in your life and relationships.

Integrity: Allow my sharp intuition and discernment to uplift you to your highest level of integrity and accountability.
Divine Union: Prepare yourself for sacred, conscious partnership by becoming the most integrated and complete version of yourself. 

You will receive 

  • 3 x 75 min online sessions per month 

  • Personalised weekly soul-work, journaling prompts and accountability check-ins 

  • 1:1 support via WhatsApp (text & voice messages / Mon-Fri 10am-6pm CST)

  • Switch to in-person sessions for an additional $35 per session   


  • 3 months: $2,500 (PIF) or 3 Monthly Payments of $920

  • 6 months: $4,800 (PIF) or 6 Monthly Payments of $880

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